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Ward & Area Decontamination

Southern Decon, in partnership with Laboratoires ANIOS, is now able to offer a complete decontamination solution to Hospitals, Care Homes and Nursing Homes.

Providing our customers with a one stop solution for all their disinfection requirements with the ability to buy or rent the new AEROSEPT COMPACT 250 decontamination system or alternatively utilise Southern Decon staff to undertake the decontamination of their facilities.

Southern Decon is now one of the few companies in the UK that is able to offer the range of products and services that are needed to ensure an infection free healthcare environment.

This natural extension of our business builds on our extensive knowledge and experience in this sector backed by the industry leading products provided by Laboratoires Anios. Now we are able to offer the following to ensure a totally clean environment.

Area Decontamination Service

We are one of the leading suppliers in the UK responsible for the decontamination of infected environments within NHS hospitals and other healthcare environments such as ambulances, private hospitals, care/nursing homes and sports facilities. Over 250 hospital ward decontaminations have been performed by our team over the last 6 years, with the most common outbreaks being Norovirus, MRSA and Clostridium difficile.

Our service is provided by a qualified team available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. We can provide the decontamination of a single room or your entire hospital, home or sports facility, including large communal areas.

The decontamination service can be fully tailored to your specific needs and budget. We can take care of the whole process from performing the room pre-clean, cleaning of the equipment and furnishing and the 3D Air & Surface Decontamination Process. Alternatively we can simply perform the final decontamination stage.

We can provide your staff with the necessary training to use our products as part of your preventative measures against potential future outbreaks in combination with a specific, but flexible programme.

The flexible range of services, products and training can save you a considerable amount of money. Not only does this service provide you with a 24/7 hot-line response team it also enables you avoid the impact a major outbreak would have on your healthcare service.

The AEROSEPT Disinfection System

The prevention of cross contamination is a daily concern to all healthcare workers. To combat this Southern Decon has joined forces with Laboratoires ANIOS, a world leader in disinfection solutions, to bring you latest airborne disinfection technology. With our history in providing decontamination systems and services to over 40 NHS hospitals we know what UK infection control professionals want.

The new AEROSEPT COMPACT 250 is a lightweight, highly cost effective and highly portable airborne disinfection system.

The AEROSEPT COMPACT 250, with its fully automated controls, enhances the normal routine disinfection protocols without the need for human intervention or presence. When combined with the disinfectant solution, ASEPTANIOS AD, the process offers a proven spectrum of efficacy from just 30 minutes. The system uses a patented venturi-assisted peristaltic pump to guarantee a constant flow of solution during the disinfection process.

The AEROSEPT COMPACT 250 combines simplicity and intelligence. Simple programming allows the size of the room (M³) to be entered and the quantity of liquid is automatically calculated. Its on-board technology alerts the user if there is insufficient solution to complete the full cycle and will not start until the volume of liquid is increased to the required level.

Using just 7ml of solution per M³, AEROSEPT COMPACT 250 is extremely economical and a single machine can disinfect up to 250 M³. With a delayed start function from 1 minute to 9 hours, the machine can be programmed to start without the need for human presence.

The process of the AEROSEPT COMPACT 250 and ASEPTANIOS AD releases acetic acid and oxygen by thermal aerosolization (the distribution of a heated fluid at a specific temperature) to form a perfect balance of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

Giving a wide spectrum of efficacy in a very short contact time, the short life of peracetic acid prevents build up on surfaces and medical devices and ensures that premises can be re-occupied with minimal delay. The process also shows an excellent material compatibility with no negative effects to electronic equipment (computers, monitors) after more than 100 continuous cycles.

Note: ASEPTANIOS AD has also been proven for the control of the Ebola virus

The AEROSEPT COMPACT 250 is also equipped with a USB port for traceability and can be connected to a PC to retrieve information relating to the operation time, contact time, name of the operator and any problems encountered during the disinfection process.

The AEROSEPT COMPACT 250 is available for purchase or to rent and comes with full UK support.